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A team designed to make things easy.

Sredon is based on the Central Coast and services the East Coast from Sydney to Newcastle with
professional air conditioning and commercial refrigeration solutions.

Sredon was born from the premise that we know we can do it better. We don’t want to be just another supplier. With over 45 years’ experience in the air conditioning and commercial refrigeration industry, we strive to deliver that little bit more and be a little bit different. We are passionate about what we do, and are always looking for the best options. Put simply, we
want to “make it easy” for our customers.

Whether you are engaging in a new commercial project or updating an existing air conditioning system, our engineers can design, construct, install and maintain your air conditioning and commercial refrigeration systems. All projects, whether commercial or residential, are designed specifically to meet the requirements of the customer, taking into account local authority and building regulations.


Regardless of the size and type of equipment, Sredon has got you covered.

Sredon offers a full design, installation, service and maintenance program, from a large refrigerated supermarket case line up, a small two door drinks fridge to a residential or commercial air conditioning system, delivered in a safe and effective environment. Sredon has the expertise to ensure all your requirements can be met regardless of the size and type of equipment required.


Our core values represent our approach and make us who we are.

PEOPLE: Our employees and customers are at the core of everything we do. We strive to see things through their eyes to ensure everything we do makes it easy for them to love the environment that we create.

PASSION:We pursue fresh ideas and embrace new approaches to elevate how we work and deliver value for our staff and customers.

PROTECT:A safe environment is at the heart of our work ethic. Protecting our customers, employees, families, and the environment around us is our responsibility.

PERFORM:We are committed to delivering profitable growth and sustainable competitive advantage.


Sredon’s vision and mission is to assist our partners and customers to take away the stress and headaches that can be part of managing, installing, servicing and maintaining HVAC&R systems. Our goal is to make it easy by always looking ahead and being the best we can be.

Why choose Sredon

Quite simply, we make it easy for you. As a team of reliable, specialist refrigeration and air conditioning engineers with extensive experience, we design, install, repair and maintain air-conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration systems. Tell us your problem or your objective, and let us get it sorted.


When experience counts

With experience across a broad range of industries, Sredon will work proactively with you to provide the best outcome. From a specialist commercial air conditioning system in a high-rise building to commercial refrigeration in a local supermarket, Sredon will design and install the best refrigeration and air conditioning systems for your application and keep you up and running.


Tailored Solutions

We bring an open and enquiring mind to every job briefing. We ask the right questions so that we can provide the best commercial air conditioning or refrigeration solution. After all, a retrofit requires a different approach to a new installation, and a repair is not the same as planned maintenance. We make sure the solution is reliable, efficient and easy for you.


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Sredon Air conditioning and refrigeration is Arctick certified.